Message: “All The Feel – Week 5 Feeling Dissapointment” from Andy Stovall

Andy Stovall - March 18, 2018

All The Feel - Week 5 Feeling Dissapointment

Sometimes we are the ones who messed up. Sometimes we are the ones impacted by someone else’s failure. What do you do when someone you trusted fails you? Disappointment is an emotion common to us all. This message will help you to understand why people disappoint us and what to do about it when they do.

From Series: "All The Feels"

Feelings can be a wonderful thing. They can lead us to heights that are hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t felt them. However, feelings can also lead to decisions that carry dire circumstances. That is why a significant part of the journey to maturity in Jesus is learning to embrace our feelings without letting them dictate our actions. For many Christians that is the only thing that has kept them from the abundant life Jesus promised. This series will explore several emotions common to us all and provide solutions for those that are holding us back.

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