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Ryan Barbato - January 6, 2019

Confidence: The Source

Insecurity is a part of the human experience. Whether we’re talking about starting in a new school, a new job or returning for your high school reunion, we all face insecurity. Sadly, the sources the world offers to prop up your confidence are short-lived and end up in even more insecurity. This message will help understand the true sources of confidence; sources that are only available in Christ.

From Series: "Confidence"

Insecurity is a part of the human experience. It can show up in relationships or while scrolling through social media. We might face insecurity in preparation for starting a new school, or a new job, or returning for a high school reunion. For many, confidence is a facade put on when feeling insecure and facing the world. As a result, we live in fear of being found out. This series provides Biblical principles for living a genuinely confident life; the life God custom designed for each of us.

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