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Finding Your NICHE Profile:

The two most important days in life are when you were born and the day you discover why you were born. The first one is easy. The second one is difficult, but made much easier by using the assessment tools below to determine your NICHE Profile.


Take some time to work your way through the tools below. Then, let us know you are ready to start fulfilling your purpose in life. We want to help you!


Natural Abilities

The average human being has between 500 and 800 natural abilities. These range from the basics (such as the five senses) to the more complex such as playing a musical instrument or teaching. Respond to the three assignments below based on more your complex abilities. Then, combine your results to identify your top ten natural abilities.


    1. List the top ten natural abilities that you recognize in yourself.


    1. Ask 3 to 5 people who know you well to identify your top ten natural abilities.


    1. Identify the 10 most repeated answers.



Research says that all people have a combination of 2 or more out of 4 personality traits. These four traits are often referred to as your DISC Profile. Your DISC profile is very helpful in identifying your niche in the Body of Christ. DISC Assessment


Charisma Gifts

The word Charisma is based on the New Testament Greek word charis which is frequently translated grace. Charisma Gifts are those spiritual gifts that God gives to Christ followers to empower them to fulfill His purpose for their lives. We don’t earn them. They are gifts graciously given by our gracious God. Spiritual Gifts Survey



When you look up the word heart in the dictionary you find several definitions. In the context of finding life’s purpose we define heart as, “The passion that is created when your God-given interests in life, align with your God-designed purpose for life.” Answer the questions below to begin the process of identifying your heart.


    1. What are some issues in your life that make it difficult to feel passionate about anything right now? What is your next step toward finding healing?


    1. Name the three things you are most passionate about right now. Which of those has the highest potential to make an eternal difference in the world?


    1. How much do you know about fulfilling your number one eternal passion? What is your next step to learn more?


    1. Passion often stagnates until we get moving. What is your next step toward fulfilling your heart’s passion?



Our God has an incredible capacity to weave every experience in our lives (good and bad) into a pattern for good! His highest goal for us is to become fully-mature followers of Jesus. The Christian Maturity Assessment Tool (CMAT) is a great way to assess where you are in your journey AND to identify your next steps toward full maturity![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]