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There are many who believe in God but struggle to believe in the church. They may be willing to talk about Jesus but do not want to go to church. They might view the church as hypocritical, boring, unfriendly, or greedy. In this series, we’ll explore church stereotypes and learn what we can do to break down the barriers.

April 28 Church is Full of Hypocrites
The truth is, followers of Jesus share some of the responsibility for the church’s image. This message will help listeners understand what hypocrisy really is and how to combat it; both in our lives and in our image.


May 5 Church is Just about Money
The truth is, we do talk about money at church. That’s not the problem. The problem is the motive we demonstrate when we talk about it. What if we helped those who come to understand that God’s way of handling money is the best financial plan in existence!


May 12 Church is Just a Building
We’ve all heard expressions like, “I go to church. I’ve been to church. I don’t like to go to church.” The problem with those statements is that the church is not a place you go to. It is a community you are a part of. This message helps listeners to understand that we need to focus on going to church and being the church.


May 19 Church is Boring
I can sleep at home much more comfortably than I can while sitting in a church chair! What’s the point of going? If only they were singing songs that I like and the sermon answered questions I’m actually interested in knowing the answer too!


May 26 Church is Unfriendly
Man, if you aren’t third-generation in a church, you are an outsider! Why would I subject myself to that much rejection? If someone actually invited me to church and I felt at home when I got there, of course, I’d want to be a part of a church!