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It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the most popular Christmas movies ever. The story puts George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) in the position to see what life in his town would be like if he had not been born. This series looks at the Christmas story through the lens of how our world would be different if Jesus, Joseph, children, and Mary had not been born. This fresh look challenges us to consider the impact our lives are having on our world this Christmas and into the new year.

Nov 26 What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?
As Christians we honor the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This message asks the question how our day-to-day lives would be different if Jesus had never been lived and taught. The answers may surprise you!



Nov 30/Dec 3 Christmas through Joseph’s Eyes
This message takes a detailed look at the limited information we have about Joseph. It ponders the question of how our lives would be different if Joseph had never been born. It also challenges men to adopt the character traits Joseph modeled.



Dec 7/10 Christmas through a Child’s Eyes / Bridge Kids presentation
It is very easy for adults to lose the joy of Christmas in light of the secular approach that dominates the season. This message looks at Christmas through the eyes of a child and challenges us all to take a fresh, child-like look at the way we live out our lives at Christmas and beyond.



Dec 16/19 Christmas through Mary’s Eyes
Christmas is all about Jesus. However, most would agree that the second most important person in the first Christmas was Mary. This message identifies a long list of character traits that make that true. It challenges all women consider how they respond to God’s call in their lives.



Dec 24 Christmas Eve services / No Thursday service at TBG
These Sunday morning services are similar to what we normally bring on Christmas Eve evening.



Dec 28/31 How Will the World be different because You Were Born?
It is intriguing to ponder, as George Bailey did in It’s a Wonderful Life, how the world would be different if we had never been born. But the more important question is, How will the world be different one year from now because we were born? This message challenges listeners to consider where is God is calling them to be at the end of 2018.