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Culture has trained us with well-known clichés. They aren’t true, but we’ve heard them for so long that we often accept them as true. This series will help us understand how those sayings fly in the face of grace. You will learn how to be rescued from those lies and deal with the guilt that accompanies them. You will grow in grace, be transformed by grace, and ultimately learn to live a grace-based life.

May 13 Mother’s Day – Mother Love
When God wanted to communicate how deeply He loved us all, He chose Mother-Love as the model. This message honors Moms by taking a realistic look at why the Mother/child bond is so deep and the pressures that often result from it.



May 20 When Love is Sparked
Falling in love is filled with wonderful feelings. The only problem is the endorphin release that comes sometimes leads to an unrealistic sense of who the other person is. This message takes an objective look at how important it is that marriage be based on more than feelings. It must be based on shared values and principles. Promote Art of Marriage, Marriage 101, etc.



May 27 Secrets of Satisfying Marriage
Every married person knows it is easier to get married than it is to stay happily married. This message explores God’s intended design for marriage. It will help listeners assess the health of their marriage and understand the steps to take their marriage to the deeply satisfying place they hoped for when they stood at the altar. Promote Art of Marriage, Marriage 101, etc.



June 3 Parenting
Parenting is the most important role any human being can enter into. Unfortunately, we often do the best we can without really knowing if we are doing it right. The result is a stressful fear that we might mess our kids up for life! This message will help parents understand the stages of parenting as children grow and how to cope with each stage.



June 10 When Parents Age
Of all of the Ten Commandments only one has a profound promise attached to it; “Honor Your Father and Mother that your days will be long on the earth.” The reality is, as our parent’s age, we often have to reverse roles, where the adult child has to act as the parent to help them get the care they need. This message takes a practical look at how to honor parents as they move into the late stages of life.



June 17 Father’s Day
The Bible teaches that one of the highest blessings in life is to be the father of many children; i.e. “blessed is the man whose quiver is full.” It also teaches that the legacy Dad’s leave their children is of greater value than any other inheritance. This message challenges Dad’s to pay careful attention to the legacy they are leaving the children around them.