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Fake News is a term used to discredit all kinds of stories. These stories are created to deliberately misinform or deceive people. We need to be smarter at recognizing and combating outright fabrication. The same is true for popular slogans we may believe. This series identifies several common slogans as lies, and we’ll look to the most trusted source for truth—God’s Word.

June 24 – I Got This!
If it is to be, it is up to me. This message exposes the myth that will power is adequate to deal with whatever life throws at us. It addresses common areas of our lives where we lack personal power and how to appropriate God’s power.


July 1 – Time Heals All Wounds
This message addresses pain and how God uses it in our lives. It exposes the myth that time heals wounds and replaces it with the truth that healing comes when cooperate with God’s purpose in allowing it; i.e. to expose and address root problems.


July 8 – I Should be Able to Change Overnight
We all have areas of our lives we would like to change. The problem for most is, we think as soon as we decide to do something about it, we should be able change quickly. This message outlines God’s change process and the specific action steps needed to cooperate with it.


July 15 – Everybody is Doing it
This message acknowledges the fact that everyone has doubts. However, it challenges the listener to (instead of just accepting that as a reality), address our doubts in order to keep them from defeating us.


July 22 – Every Man For Himself
The culture says I have to be true to myself. The sad reality is our preoccupation with self has left many of us alone and afraid…with a trail of broken relationships behind us. This message will help you understand the fallacy of self-centered living and break free to the power of a Christ-centered lifestyle.


July 29 – It Doesn’t Matter What you Believe (as long as you are sincere)
This series has looked at several common lies the culture teaches us and how to combat them. This message provides a lie detector designed to help you recognize the devil’s tricks and how to resist his tactics.