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Insecurity is a part of the human experience. It can show up in relationships or while scrolling through social media. We might face insecurity in preparation for starting a new school, or a new job, or returning for a high school reunion. For many, confidence is a façade put on when feeling insecure and facing the world. As a result, we live in fear of being found out. This series provides Biblical principles for living a genuinely confident life; the life God custom designed for each of us.

January 6 The Source of Confidence
Insecurity is a part of the human experience. Whether we’re talking about starting in a new school, a new job or returning for your high school reunion, we all face insecurity. Sadly, the sources the world offers to prop up your confidence are short-lived and end up in even more insecurity. This message will help understand the true sources of confidence; sources that are only available in Christ.

January 13 Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster
In the first message of this series, we exposed the foundational Truths for confidently living. In this message, we will expose the common causes of insecurity and how to break free from them.

January 20 The Keys to Confident Living
We learned in the first message of the series the three major foundation stones of confident living; Give your life to Jesus, Repattern your way of thinking, and life out God’s plan for your life. In this message, we’ll learn how to live out God’s plan.

January 27 Choosing Confidence
When it comes to confident living there are only three types of people; choosers, accusers and choosers. This message identifies Biblical characters who modeled all three types. It will help you to Choose Confident Living

February 3 Being a Confidence Builder
The biggest deterrent to confident living is self-centeredness. This message will help you take steps to become a more confident person by giving confidence to others.