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The great call of the world around us is to live for the moment! Unfortunately, that doesn’t produce the results we long for over the long haul. This series challenges listeners to think long-term and to take steps of faith in order to invest our one and only lives in things that eternally matter.

Sept 16 Determine Your Life’s Mission
Looking beyond current goals, roles and circumstances, this message challenges us to pray for a vision of who we are becoming.

Sept 23 Move Forward Wisely
Once we have a sense of who God is calling us to be, we have to take steps to get there. This message will help you assess your options and step out with wisely.

Sept 30 Step Out in Faith
Every journey with God requires faith. Jesus said, “According to your faith will it be done to you.” This message provides listeners with a framework for assessing their current level of faith in clear, tangible terms.

Oct 7 Commit
We can dream big dreams, think through the options carefully and even assess our faith honestly, but nothing starts happening until we take tangible steps that require faith! This message exposes some of the reasons commitment can be hard. It always reveals several of the reasons commitment is so important.

Oct 14 Trust God’s Timing
God’s timing is always perfect. Ours is often flawed. This message helps listeners to understand that trusting God, even when it’s taking longer to see results that we want, is critical. It reveals how our mistrust of God’s timing can actually prolong the wait!