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Dear Bridge Family,

We are quickly approaching a very exciting annual event at The Bridge.  It is the weekend we will all bring our Offering Fit for a King! 

Here’s the challenge and the invitation:


  • As a family, sit down and talk about what you will give. Will this be the first time you and your family tithe, giving God 10% of your income? Or is this the opportunity to give a generous offering above and beyond your tithe?


  • Pray and ask God to give you the strength to obey Him. Include your children in this prayer time, letting them hear your voice as you teach and lead them—what a great teaching moment!


  • Using the online giving feature, schedule the offering that you and your family have to bring to our King for October 4.

From Pastor Jim:

Jesus said, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it! (Matthew 16:18 KJV). We need to remember that powerful Truth, especially during these unprecedented times! It says to me that despite the challenges we’ve been facing in 2020, the Church is alive and well and will be until He returns for His own!
Understand, ‘alive and well’ does not mean hanging on by a thread or just surviving hard times. It paints a picture of thriving in the face of hard times!


The first Century Church faced some of the most difficult times in its history. Leaders were martyred for their faith and Christians were fed to the lions; just for the entertainment of the pagan Romans, the Church thrived! They exploded on the scene and reached the world with the Gospel, in a single lifetime!


I believe that’s the kind of church God has called The Bridge into existence to be! To make an eternal difference in the lives of thousands of people around us and around the world—especially during these days of pandemic and social tensions.


That’s why on Sunday, Oct 4, 2020, Kim and I are bringing the largest offering we can—an Offering Fit for a King! Please prayerfully join us in doing the same. Together we can make a difference in these crazy times. We can Be the Church—Giving Life as We Give Christ!



Jim Wall
Senior Pastor
The Bridge