Message: “Blessed Are the Humble” from Ryan Barbato

Ryan Barbato - November 26, 2017

What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?

A Fresh Look at Christmas

As Christians we honor the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This message asks the question how our day-to-day lives would be different if Jesus had never been lived and taught. The answers may surprise you!

From Series: "A Fresh Look at Christmas"

It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the most popular Christmas movies ever. The story puts George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) in the position to see what life in his town would be like if he had never born. This series looks at the Christmas story through the lens of how our world would be different if Jesus, Joseph, children and Mary had never been born. This fresh look challenges us all to consider the impact our lives are having on our world this Christmas and into the new year.

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