Message: “Confidence: The Emotional Roller Coaster” from Jim Wall

Jim Wall - July 30, 2017

Understanding the Battle for Your Worship

The battle lines for our worship were drawn eons ago, even before human history began. This message helps us to understand how that battle impacts our worship and introduces the ultimate expression of worship described by Paul in Romans 12:1 as “our reasonable service.”

Scripture References: Romans 12:1

From Series: "Consumer or Consumed"

Being smart consumers is a good thing in relation to buying goods and services, but it is deadly when we bring those same acts and attitudes into our worship. In this series, we'll learn about the battle being fought for our worship and the impact is has on our worship. We'll explore the acts and attitudes of our lives that we bring into worship, address our worship practices, and discover the principles behind the call to worship even when we don't feel like it.

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