Message: “Chain Reaction: Clear Communication” from Andy Stovall

Ryan Barbato - March 31, 2019

Chain Reaction: Clear Communication

The ability to present the plan of salvation clearly and simply is a huge part of our effectiveness in sharing our faith. This message exposes listeners to a deeply personal method; your story. People can and will argue with your beliefs, they cannot argue with you about your experience with Christ.

From Series: "Chain Reaction"

A chain reaction is defined as a series of events, each caused by the previous event. Your decision to follow Jesus was definitely an event! What if your “event” led others to have an event of their own? What if theirs led to more? What if we could create a chain reaction of meeting Jesus in our world? What if God used you to start it? This series of messages will motivate and empower you to do just that using the formula High Potency + Close Proximity + Clear Communication = Maximum Impact!

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