Message: “Amazing Grace Week 3 – Restored by Grace” from Ryan Barbato

Ryan Barbato - April 15, 2018

Amazing Grace Week 3 - Restored by Grace

Relationships must be maintained. No relationship ever stays the same; i.e. they are growing toward intimacy or they are falling away from one another. That is true in our relationship with God too. This message exposes the reasons why we fall away from God, and what we can do about it…by grace.

From Series: "Amazing Grace"

Our culture has trained us well with well-known clichés. They aren’t true, but we’ve heard them for so long we often accept them as true. Cliches such as: - If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. - We make money the old fashion way. We earn it. - There's no such thing as a free lunch. - There is no gain without pain. - God helps those who help themselves. This series will help you to understand how those sayings fly in the face of grace. You will learn how to be rescued from those lies and deal with the guilt that comes from them. You will grow in grace, be transformed by grace and ultimately learn to live a grace-based life.

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