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Missed the Princeton Vision Gathering?

If you missed Princeton’s Vision Gathering, take a look at Pastor Jim’s vision for what is to come for The Bridge Princeton.

Princeton Vision Gathering on Video

Pray & Fast

From October 24 – November 13 we are fasting & praying as a church. Our hope is that God will strengthen us and guide us during these exciting times at The Bridge!

There are daily Scriptures & thoughts to meditate on during the 21 days. You can find them on Instagram or Facebook.

Night of Worship

One of the exciting things that’s been happening among us recently is the writing of songs of praise and worship to our God. You don’t want to miss this special night of worship, as we adore our Lord while we sing all original songs developed by our own team! You will also be a part of the live recording that will be produced and distributed in the days ahead.
This event is free and no registration is required.


Check back often for updates about Building for the Generations.