What if a woman knew the heart of God towards her? Not just in theology, theory, or explanations, but really knew it in the experiences of her life in her deep heart?

As women, we wear so many hats, don’t we? We juggle so many things—have so much responsibility. Sometimes it is easy to forget who we really are and difficult to discover what each of us is uniquely designed for—what our Father has specifically written on each of our hearts. How would you answer if you were asked, "What do you most love to do? What are you passionate about? What makes you come alive?"

This weekend will take a look at who you are as a woman—you bear the image of your Father God in glorious ways! What might that glory be? What is set against that glory? How do we press into God for our truest selves and live from a heart that is fully awakened and alive—live to our story, our purpose, our glory?

The Bridge women would love to have YOU join us for this journey at Zoweh's Deepening Weekend August 31 - September 3, crafted to unveil the true beauty every woman possesses. We'll also have free time for ziplining, clay shooting, hiking, and napping!

Tuition is $315 per woman and includes all meals, lodging, and the conference materials. We'll carpool to Goshen, VA from The Bridge Princeton campus early Thursday morning and return Sunday evening. Don't miss it!

Questions? Need more information? Want to join us on this adventure? Come to one of The Deepening Weekend info meetings where we'll share our experiences, hear your hearts, and answer your questions:

Informational Meetings
Wednesday, May 24, 7 PM, Room 7, Princeton campus
Wednesday, June 7, 7 PM, Room 7, Princeton campus
Saturday, June 24, 10 AM, Mpact building, Princeton campus

Small Groups Start-Up
Wednesday, June 21, 7 PM, Mpact building, Princeton campus

Scholarship Meeting
Saturday, June 24, 2 PM, Mpact building, Princeton campus

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