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Are you interested in serving at The Bridge?


We have a number of ways for you to get involved. Whether it’s serving every week, once a month or through outreach, there are many opportunities for you. We believe that everyone


What is more exciting than that is you can try as many ministries as you would like out before making a commitment through what we call, “Test Drive.”

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Each week at The Bridge, people just like you give their time through serving. Whether it’s helping kids learn about Jesus in Bridge Kids, greeting first-time guests, or producing behind the scenes in Media, every volunteer is making a difference at The Bridge!


We know you’re busy, and a million things are competing for your time. But we also know that one of the best ways to meet new friends and grow in your relationship with Jesus is to serve the local church. Serving opportunities are more than just the weekends; they’re available seven days a week. God wants to use you to make a difference!


There’s an opportunity for you to serve at The Bridge!