The Bridge’s Infant & Toddler Rooms are staffed by caring, compassionate, fun-loving and motivated volunteers. We are very passionate about reaching children with the truth of God’s Word, so we do everything possible to insure that your child’s time in these ministries is enjoyable and spiritually profitable.

Infant Room (birth to 1 year) — Your baby will experience love and tender care from trained volunteers. Feel free to bring their favorite blanket or toy, and don’t forget their bottle and diaper bag labeled with their name, as the Infant Room Team changes every diaper every service.

Toddler Room (1 to 3 years) - Your toddler will have a great time exploring, jumping, playing, coloring and singing, all while learning about Jesus. Please feel free to bring a diaper bag, as the Toddler Room Team changes every diaper every service. Once your toddler turns three and is potty trained, they move on up to Preschool!

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