The Next Generation ministries at The Bridge encompass the preschool (birth - Pre-K), Bridge Kids (K - grade 5), The Riot (grades 6 - 12), and Amplify (young adult, ages 18 - 25).

Every generation has the great responsibility of raising the generation that come after them in a godly manner. The next generation needs guidance, values, and principles instilled in their lives, but sometimes the task of passing down those values and principles can be daunting to undertake. That daunting feeling is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Knowing this, The Bridge is committed to partnering with every parent in order to equip every child for the purpose of impacting the next generation.

The focus of the Next Generation ministry is to come alongside adults that have preschoolers, children, students, and young adults in their lives and help them navigate the issues of the present culture.