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230 Oberry Rd.
Dudley, NC 28333




The Bridge is a life-giving church located in Mount Olive. It is a place where you can belong before you believe. We believe that where you’re going is more important than where you’ve been.

We are a portable church now meeting at the Disciples of Christ fellowship hall. Being a portable location offers many advantages and it is our goal to one day have a permanent facility in Mount Olive for The Bridge.


We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the start of service. This will give you plenty of time to get some coffee, check kids in (if you have any), and find a seat.


We try to structure parking in a way that allows the maximum amount of people to attend our services. Please follow the team’s instructions when parking. Also, we want to love our neighbors and serve them well, so we ask you not to park in the neighborhoods or retail areas surrounding the church.


Come as you are! Whether it’s a suit and tie or shorts and a t-shirt you feel most comfortable wearing. Our members and attendees tend to dress pretty casual.



We believe that community, fellowship, and growth is a large part of our Christian walk. That is why we highly value discipleship as a part of Bridge Groups. As a part of a Bridge Group, you will have the opportunity to share and grow with people just like you. It is a great way to meet new people and to serve in the community. Why? Because we believe that we should be Jesus to our community, all of our groups are encouraged to do things like service and mission projects. There are interest groups, gender-specific groups, groups that focus on addiction, and many more. More info: Bridge Groups.

Bridge Kids is uniquely designed for your child.  With age and development appropriate environments, your child will experience the Word of God in a creative, relevant, and fun way. We want your child to know God through our mission of BELONG, COMMIT, GROW and SERVE!


Bridge Kids exists to bring children into age-appropriate worship where they can BELONG to the family of God, COMMIT in their relationship with Christ, GROW a firm foundation of understanding of God and His Word, and learn to SERVE!

Bridge Kids is led by a team of staff and volunteers whose passion is children. Our goal is to provide a fun and interactive program tailored just for kids no matter what age and grade to help them know Jesus and grow spiritually as they build meaningful relationships with other children and adults!


SAFETY FIRST: When you check your child in to Bridge Kids, your child will be given a sticker to wear that serves to alert staff to allergies, medical conditions, and be matched with the parent security tag when you pick them up for check out.

If for some reason your child were to need you during service, the number on your security tag will appear on the worship auditorium screen. In that case, you’ll need to leave the worship auditorium immediately and go to Bridge Kids Check-in.

Because your child’s safety is so important to us, each leader has gone through supervised hands-on training and a thorough background check.

On your way home, be sure to ask your child: “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?”

Want to be a part of what’s happening in Bridge Kids? Sign up to serve here!

Middle and high schoolers experience a great time of snacks, hanging out, games, Bible study and discussion. Your students will love connecting with other students and caring, screened adult leaders.

Middle & high Schoolers typically meeting on Sunday nights. Please contact

We are passionate about worship and our response to the gospel of Jesus Christ. At The Bridge, we believe that worship is the time where we can express our admiration and show our affection towards God. All of our services have a time set aside to do this.


If you feel called to lead others in worship, have a musical or vocal gift and would like to use your talents, let us know HERE.

At The Bridge, we utilize a large amount of technology to present the gospel to others. With the use of lighting, cameras, and state of the art sound equipment, we are able to record all of our services and stream them all over the world. If you like technology, have a creative eye, and enjoy working behind the scenes, then working in Bridge Media may be a great place for you to serve.
If you are interested in learning more, let us know HERE

If you are a first-time guest, you will get the VIP treatment. Our Guest Services team will ensure that your trip to The Bridge is exciting and comfortable. They can help get your kids checked in, show you around, and help you with seating. And before you leave, you’ll get a gift just for coming.

If you have a friendly and smiling face,  know how to make people feel welcome, and would like to use those gifts to serve others, let us know HERE.