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Jesus came to give us life in all its fullness. That’s a great promise, but—if we are honest—we often find our lives full, but not completely fulfilling. This series is designed to help us understand the value of setting our life’s priorities God’s
way as a key part of finding the fulfillment we long for.

Jan. 4/7 Living by Priorities not Pressures – Kick off 21 Day fast

If you don’t set your priorities, your current pressures will gladly set them for you. The problem is, running around putting out fires never gets you anywhere. Relief only comes when we determine our priorities in life and decide to live by them. This message will help you understand the basic principles surrounding living by priorities and introduces the top five priorities defined in God’s Word.



Jan. 11/14 Priorities of a Jesus-Centered Life
Life only comes together when we get first things first. His name is Jesus! This message helps us to take an honest look at where we are in relationship with Him and to make three specific commitments to help us grow in that relationship this year; i.e. A Time with God. A Tithe to God. A Team for God.



Jan 18/21 Families R Us
The modern family is under incredible pressure. This message helps to identify some of specific pressures we face and how to set priorities that will help us rise above them. Promote Marriage 101 and other marriage related small groups.



Jan 25/28 State of the Church Address
The spiritual family we choose to become a part of is one of the most important relationships in our lives. That single decision can set the course for the next season of our lives. This message lays out the vision of our church and calls on us to prioritize doing our part to bring that vision into reality.



Feb 1/4 The Church Has Left the Building
We all need a mission in life that matters, a sense that we are doing something worthwhile with our one and only lives. This message will help you to understand the difference between going to church and being the church—ultimately leading to the fulfilling life we all long for.