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Loneliness. Self-doubt. Temptation. Failure. Waiting. These difficult seasons are likely to occur. The good news is that difficult seasons don’t have to be stumbling blocks. God is still at work in your life even when everything around you is dark. We’ll learn from several biblical characters who faced gloomy seasons God’s way and ultimately were blessed by doing so.

Oct 5/8 God Works the Night Shift: This message unpacks the Biblical principles that are consistent no matter what the specific difficult season you are in is about. These truths will empower us to walk through dark seasons by faith that God is at work even when we don’t see what He is doing.

Oct 12/15 A Season of Loneliness: Even the most popular people on Earth go through seasons of loneliness. This message help us to, not only see that God is with us, but gives us practical things to do during our season of loneliness.


Oct 19/22 A Season of Self-Doubt: Every human being goes through seasons of doubting ourselves. This messages exposes the “because” behind most self-doubt and what do when you fall prey them.


Oct 26/29 A Season of Temptation: Temptation is a normal part of living in a sin-cursed world. However, there are seasons when temptations come at us like a tidal wave and feel impossible to resist. This message helps us to live as overcomers no matter what Satan throws at us.


Nov 2/5 A Season of Failure: It is common to confuse failing and failure. This message explains the difference and helps us to see how God is at work even when we fail. It helps us to see that we aren’t failures as long as we walk with God; we are just a work in progress.  Nov 9/12 A Season of WaitingWe all hate waiting. We hate waiting in traffic, at the doctor’s office, even for answers to our prayers… we hate waiting. This message helps us to understand why God sometimes makes us wait and what we can do to shorten our waiting time.