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Feelings can be a wonderful thing. They can lead us to heights that are hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t felt them. However, feelings can also lead to decisions that carry dire circumstances. That is why a significant part of the journey to maturity in Jesus is learning to embrace our feelings without letting them dictate our actions. For many Christians that is the only thing that has kept them from the abundant life Jesus promised. This series will explore several emotions common to us all and provide solutions for those that are holding us back.

Feb 15/18 Feeling Overwhelmed
Dedicated Christians are highly susceptible to feeling overwhelmed. Our deep sense of responsibility can sometimes lead to over-commitment and emotional exhaustion. That stands in stark contrast to Jesus’ words, Come all you who are weary and I will give you rest.



Feb 22/25 Feeling Depressed
Depression is more common than many people think. This message will help you to identify the symptoms of depression and provide you with the cure-all from the life of Elijah, a powerful man of God who broke free from a severe depression.



Mar 1/4 Feeling Resentful
We all have to deal with the hurts that come with living in this sin-cursed world. However, if not recognized and dealt with, those hurts can often lead to resentment. This message will explore the life of Job; a man who faced deeper hurts in one day than most of us face in a lifetime. Yet, he managed not to become resentful.



Mar 8/11 Feeling Regret
Regret is an inevitable part of life. I mess up. You mess up. All God’s children mess up sometimes! We fail to do things we should have done. We do things we shouldn’t have done. There is no getting away from that reality. The only questions are, will you spend the rest of your life regretting those failures or will you let Jesus set you free? This message will help you identify your regrets and release them into the grace of God.



Mar 15/18 Feeling Disappointed
Sometimes we are the ones who messed up. Sometimes we are the ones impacted by someone else’s failure. What do you do when someone you trusted fails you? Disappointment is an emotion common to us all. This message will help you to understand why people disappoint us and what to do about it when they do.